Thursday, May 21, 2009

Should Hayden Have Hidden?

I guess so, with at least two outed sex videos now playing on everyone's computer at either office or home showing him and Katrina Halili dancing in one video and &%^$ing in another. Holy shit! I don't know who's luckier between the two of them, that is before the videos came out on the Internet and presumably, in Evangelista. The ad below must have stoke some fire in their bellies (and between their legs).

But Hayden is just one of those guys out there: he also gets the hots especially from hotties like Katrina. Who wouldn't. We could not possibly which of the two videos was made first. But I have a theory: It was the giling-giling video first, then came what the self-proclaimed moralist senator Bobong Revilla called perversity, the second video (assuming/granting I guessed the correct order.) Only Hayden and Katrina could tell us for sure which act came first, right? With a bombshell like this one below, it's perfectly logical to have Hayden's testosterone levels shooting up (and down and sidewards) like they never before with you-know-who. Just oogle a second time and you fully understand what I'm trying to get through here.

The left photo (courtesy of asianfleshdaily) was taken it said during her pre-stardom days and that famous boobing tits may have been (or may haven't been) subjected to the masterful strokes of Doc Hayden's fingers, er, scalpels. We don't know. But any one with a 20/20 vision and a keen eye for details in digital imaging (and manipulation) could probably tell the difference, if they can.

But wait, did Sen. Bobong Revilla tell something about perversity in reference to Hayden Acts 1 and 2? But frankly, I find some senators more pervert than Hayden! Look at what they are doing, what they have been doing and what they could not do because they simply can't do it! It's disgusting! Just this morning over ANC, Pinky Webb had two of these perverts, er, senators, throwing shits at each other over another pervert. First on the phone was Madrigal, apparently itching to comment on the Hayden-Halili sex video circulating in cyberspace but was made to face off with Cayetano, who is ever loyal to his patron Villar. Why were the two perverts on the phone in the first place? Well, Villar invited media people to the controversial roads to show them there was no insertion--we might as well ask Hayden or Katrina about this--and Madrigal was asked to comment on the video. Cayetano, on the other end of the line, was asked to react to Madrigal's comment. 

And that started an exchange that would have gone haywire had Pinky not hung up on Cayetano. Madrigal stayed on the patch to field the now infamous Halili-Kho sex video which I shall call, for brevity, Halikho.

Lesson learned, this one Pinky should learn: Never put two perverts on the same spot.